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Check out our wide selection of small sailboats perfect for beginner family recreational day sailing or serious racing at the highest levels. From the classic Sunfish and Laser to the modern RS Aero and Rocket, we have the right boat for every sailor and the expert advice to make sure you're enjoying every minute on the water.

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Laser $6,475.00
Zim ILCA $8,535.00
Zim 420
Zim 420 $12,615.00
RS Aero
RS Aero $11,460.00
RS Zest
RS Zest $5,995.00
RS Toura
RS Toura $13,990.00
RS Quest
RS Quest $12,680.00
RS Feva XL
RS Feva XL $9,990.00
RS Tera Sport
RS Tera Sport $4,490.00
RS Cat 16
RS Cat 16 $12,790.00
RS Neo
RS Neo $7,990.00
O'Pen Skiff
O'Pen Skiff $3,799.95
Dyer Dhow Row
Dyer Dhow Row $2,464.00
Dyer Dink Row
Dyer Dink Row $3,510.00
Club 420
Club 420 $11,250.00