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Fulcrum Rocket

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    Fulcrum Rocket

    The Rocket is the ultimate recreational sailboat - designed with the latest construction and materials to be light weight, stable, easy to rig, simple to sail, and sure to make everyone smile. If you're looking for a sailboat for the family, the Rocket is a great fit. The 6' open cockpit has plenty of room for 2 adults and even safe inboard seating for small childern. All of this comes in at just 90 lbs making the Rocket easy for anyone to mange on land and on the water. Plus, that light weight design also give the boat great acceleration and make it esier to maintain higher speeds - all in the name of pure fun.

    If having fun on the water with the family is your goal, the Rocket is your boat.

    • Light weight hull - Only 90 lbs!
    • Easy to rig and simple to maintain lateen style rig
    • Spacious 6' 3" long cockpit big enough for 2 adults
    • Inboard seating for small children
    • Soft, comfy, non-slip foam grip on the cockpit floor
    • North Sails sail with window
    • Ratcheting mainsheet block
    • Made in the USA

    • Length: 14' 2"
    • Width: 4' 4"
    • Hull Weight: 90 lbs
    • Fully Rigged Weight: 110 lbs
    • Sail Area: 81 sq ft

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