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Our Story Since 1992 our focus has been bringing people to the water and helping them grow their skills there. Whether it's a child just starting out in sailing or adults following their paddling dreams, we're here to help with the expert advice, boats, and gear needed for success. So what does that mean for you? Don't hesitate to reach out to us with your on water goals, we're here to make them a reality no matter what it takes. From Seaplanes to Boats Our Location We've transformed this 1920s Lawrence Sperry Seaplane Factory into a one of a kind facility tailored to the needs of people who love the water. Changing this place from an industrial site of the last century to a waterfront location for this century has given many from Long Island and beyond the chance to get out and enjoy the natural beauty of our Great South Bay. If you're in the area come over and stop by. The Great South Bay Our playground. The Great South Bay is located between the south shore of Long Island and the Fire Island barrier beaches. This sandy bay is 45 miles long, averages about 4' deep, and has a daily sea breeze - all of which make it a perfect place for dinghy sailing and paddling. The maze of marsh islands makes for fun exploration and the array wildlife can keep you looking all over. Our shop is located right at the mouth of Woods Creek.