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RS Aero

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RS Aero

Made by RS Sailing

After years of development, the RS Aero is the most technically advanced boat in its sector, which explains why it's the most exciting and best-selling modern single-hander. Astonishingly, the RS Aero weighs about the same as an Optimist. That drives everything about its incredible user friendliness through transporting, rigging and launching before you even experience the addictive sensations afloat. Complex thinking leading to beautiful simplicity the RS Aero ignites the pure excitement of sailing in its least complicated form. Three rig sizes enable youths, ladies and guys to enjoy the ride. Already an International Class, the community is building fast for the most competitive sailors. It's a phenomenon. Just do it.


  • Ultra Light Hull Weight at only 66lbs!
  • 3 Rig options offer perfect handling for sailors of all sizes
  • Designed for easy single handed recovery
  • Perfect for families, the RS Aero is designed to be stackable
  • The tracked mast and halyard are more practical than a sleeved luff much easier when stepping mast in breeze and suiting full length top battens.
  • Kick up rudder
  • Perfect for car top transportation


  • Length: 13'2"
  • Beam: 4'7"
  • Hull Weight: 66lbs
  • Hull Material: Epoxy Resin with a combination of woven glass mat and carbon fiber in high load areas
  • Crew Weight: 77 lbs - 210 lbs

Rig Packages

  • Aero 5 Sail Area: 54 ft2
  • Aero 7 Sail Area: 77 ft2
  • Aero 9 Sail Area: 93 ft2