Sunfish Pro Racing Line Kit

Sunfish Pro Racing Line Kit

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Pro Race Line Kit

The Sunfish Race line kit includes all the lines you need to upgrade your Sunfish to compete at the top level. This kit includes all the proper line types and lengths chosen by actual Sunfish racers. Don't get stuck with other kits that provide lines too short or cheap, these are the right lines to get you to the top of the fleet.

Upgrade your kit with the AmSteel Dyneema Double Halyard System which allows allows sailors to drop the upper boom to a secondary position for increased control in heavy winds, all without having to leave the water.

Additionally, we can add the proper ClamCleats needed for the outhaul and cunningham system if you're converting a recreational lower boom for racing.

To take full advantage of this kit, make sure you have a Sunfish racing sail that has the forward grommet and reinforcement along the upper boom for the cunningham line to attach to.


  • 5mm AmSteel Dyneema Halyard (Double Halyard Kit Optional)
  • 7mm Rooster Polilite Mainsheet
  • AmSteel Dyneema Sail Ties
  • AmSteel Upper Boom Outhaul Tie
  • AmSteel Dyneema Outhaul
  • AmSteel Dyneema Cunningham
  • Shockcord Daggerboard Retainer