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Dynamic Sunfish Dolly

Dynamic Sunfish Dolly

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Dynamic Sunfish Dolly

Dynamic Part #13003

  • Sunfish specific tube and sling lengths provide a custom fit, enabling a balanced handle load and easy maneuvering
  • Snug-fitting edge trim atop the handle fitting protects the gunwale gelcoat
  • All joint fittings are through-bolted and designed for increased torque stability
  • Strong, 3" non-stretch, polyester sling provides wrap-around boat support
  • Adjustable, flexible V-fitting on tongue tube provides boat support forward of the sling and prevents boat and aluminum contact
  • Eyelets on sling and handle fittings facilitate securing boat to dolly in storage, on trailers or in racks
  • Tie-down with the handle fitting eyelet helps prevent slippage on steep ramps
  • Easy dolly breakdown using the snap buttons on wheel shaft and tongue tube, as well as wing nuts on axle tube cross fitting
  • Pneumatic, non-corrosive, 16" x 4" wheels can be secured on wheel shaft with provided screws for added security
  • For soft sand conditions, tire pressure can be reduced to increase tire footprint
  • Proudly made in the USA Made in the United States