Summer and Winter Storage

Summer and Winter Storage

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Summer & Winter Storage

Indoor & Beach Storage for Kayaks, Sailboats, & Stand Up Paddleboards

Store your kayak, sailboat, or stand up paddleboard on our beach in the summer or indoors for the winter. Make getting to the water easier by leaving your boats and boards at the water. Then make winter worry free by letting us store your boats and boards indoors away from the elements and out of your garage, backyard, or driveway for months on end.

Summer Storage

  • Store your kayak on our private beach located right at the mouth of Wood's Creek on the Great South Bay. Simply drive up and get on the water in minutes without the hassle of loading and unloading the boat from your car.
  • We have some space for small sailboats on dollies like Sunfish, Lasers, Rockets, etc.
  • Beachfront tented picnic area, changing / bathrooms, wash down area for boats and gear

Winter Storage

  • Protect your boats and boards from the harsh winter by storing indoors with us. Don't worry about winter covers or boats taking up your garage or driveway for months on end.
  • We offer Fall pick up and Spring delivery if you do not have a way to transport yourself
  • Have your boat or board detailed or repaired while it's in storage with us so you get it back ready to go in the summer.

Contact us at (631) 264-0005 for more information and pricing on storage.