Laser Bottle Port

Laser Bottle Port

Product Details

No more lost water bottles on your Laser, Sunfish, catamaran, kayak, etc!!

Greg Little is the inventor of the Bottleport a "patent pending hydration solution for small sailboats and other watercraft." It's one of those devices that is so well suited for its purpose that once you've seen it you wonder why nobody has ever thought of it before. Essentially it is a bottle holder that screws into one of the standard 5" inspection ports often fitted to small sailboats. It has the same watertight seal as the original lid for the port and provides a way to hold a drink container that is totally secure, and easily accessible with one hand.

**Inspection port not included. 

**Only compatible with the Viking 5" Inspection Port (no longer made) or the Ronstan 5" Inspection Port.