Marlow Excel Racing

Marlow Excel Racing

Product Details

Marlow Excel Racing is D2 Racing's smaller brother - Excel Racing offers the same high strength, low stretch properties of a Dyneema core, along with the easier handling and abrasion resistance of a polyester cover. 

Contruction: Double Braid
Cover: 16 Plait Polyester
Core: Color Matched 12 Strand Dyneema SK78

Design: Light, flexibile, feels great doesn't kink or twist. You can splice and taper. Color matched core makes it easy to identify stripped halyards or spin sheets. 

Feel: Good grip even when wet and has a nice grain to it when under preasure. A certain Bermudian World Champion prefers this as a light air mainsheet on the Sunfish.

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
5/32" 4 mm 2,193 lbs
3/16" 5 mm 3,152 lbs
1/4" 6 mm 4,541 lbs