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Impex Temiskawa Tandem

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    TEMISKAWA - 19'18"

    You fly through the water, your strokes in unison. You sail past gnarled trees, rocky coves, an unimaginable variety of birds. Sometimes two is better than one. If you want to share your paddling experience, or perhaps introduce a new paddler to the sport, the Temiskawa is a fantastic option. This short, narrow, and definitely lightweight tandem kayak weighs in at only 86 pounds, making it much lighter and more portable than your average tandem. If tripping is what youre after there are more than 9000 cubic inches of storage capacity. It has an efficient water line that moves along well and it keeps its hull speed even with paddlers of different strengths. As in most doubles, the length and width make difficult to turn, therefore the Temiskawa comes standard with a foot-controlled rudder system for easier maneuvering.

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