FSE Robline Dinghy Star

FSE Robline Dinghy Star

Product Details

Dinghy Star by FSE Robline is a perfect all around control line for both big and small boats. It's high abrasion resistance and strong Dyneema SK78 core make for an ideal allaround rope for every need from halyards to sheets. 

Construction: Double Braid
Cover: Blended PBO and Dyneema SK75
Core: Dyneema SK90

Design: Tough cover and super strong core very low twist. Great for spin halyards. It's popular with Opti sailors as a very Gucci vang line. 

Feel: Excellent grip with a smooth textured cover.

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
5/32" 4 mm 1,800 lbs
3/16" 5 mm 2,900 lbs