FSE Robline Dinghy Light

FSE Robline Dinghy Light

Product Details

Dinghy Light from FSE Robline is a rope made up of an 8-plait XLF core and a 32-plait cover. It is used wherever minimal water absorption is crucial. This makes it particularly suitable for use as a lightweight spinnaker sheet.

Construction: Double Braid 
Cover: 40 Plait Polypropylene 
Core: 8 Plait Polypropylene 

Design: Absorbs no water. Wear resistance stays round, compact and low stretch.

Feel: Smooth but grippy cover.

Size (Inches)
Size (Millimeters)
Tensile Strength (lbs)
1/4" 6 mm  1,120 lbs
5/16" 8 mm 1,900 lbs