Gray Racing Mast Collar w/ Sleeve

Gray Racing Mast Collar w/ Sleeve

Product Details

Optimist Grey Mast Collar with Sleeve

Optiparts Part #EX1210

The Grey Racing Mast Collars with sleeve has a different hole pattern than the EX1209 white racing collar. The oval inner diameter allows the maximum fore/aft play and minimum side plad. The tapered inner diameter allowss the mast ot ber raked. 4 countersunk mounting holes. Hole size in deck 57mm.

Note: This grey mast collar is not intrchangable with the Optiparts EX1209 White Collar. Confirm fitment by looking at which color collar is currently on your boat. If no collar is present you can look for a grey ring on the mast. If there is a grey ring on the mast you will need the EX1210 grey collar.