Sunfish Double Halyard Kit


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Sunfish Double Halyard Kit

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Sunfish Double Halyard Kit

The Sunfish Double Halyard Line kit is designed to give racers more control over their Sunfish in higher winds. This kit adds a second halyard in a lower position on the boom and mast allowing sailors to change upper boom placement while on the water. By using the lower secondary halyard, the top of the rig will spill more wind and create less leverage on the boat and sailor. Sailing flat is fast so this takes some of the work out of hiking so you can focus on the race.

This setup has been approved by the Sunfish Class and has been proven effective in top level racing. If you're looking to get an edge in your Sunfish, this is the trick.


  • This kit includes everything you need to rig up the Double Halyard system on your Sunfish
  • No tools or permanent modifications required
  • 2 x AmSteel Dyneema Halyards
  • Dyneema Hanger
  • Illustrated Instructions