Davis Air-Flow Tell Tales

Davis Air-Flow Tell Tales

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Davis Air-Flow Tell Tales

Davis #950

The Davis Air-Flow Tels are the standard tell-tales for sailors on small and big boats alike. Their light weight rip stop construction ensures a long life and accuracy even when wet.


  • 14 Air-Flow Tels - 7 Red and 7 Green (Port and Starboard)
  • These brightly colored lengths of material attach to opposite sides of the sail
  • They serve to indicate wind direction relative to the boat's motion, allowing you to trim sails for maximum performance
  • Material: Lightweight, ripstop nylon
  • Attach to sails with waterproof adhesive locator discs
  • No holes required. Tels show the air flow across the sails
  • Includes full instructions on where to apply Tels and how to read them