Collinite #885 Fleetwax Paste

Collinite #885 Fleetwax Paste

Product Details

Collinite Fleetwax Paste

Collonite #885

Collinite Fleetwax gives your boat the ultimate in long lasting marine weather and UV protection plus a high gloss shine to keep your boat looking new. #885 Fleetwax paste can be applied by machine or hand and can be layered for longer lasting protection.

Dinghy Shop Pro Tips

  • Apply multiple coats before the start of the season to ensure protection that lasts all summer.
  • UV Protection is especially important on colored gelcoat that can become oxidized over time.
  • Only apply Fleetwax over a clean boat. Fleetwax will protect your boat, but it is not a cleaner. If you have stains, we recommend removing them with Davis FSR or something similiar.
  • Do not apply in direct sunlight. The paste will dry out fast and become tough to remove by hand. Plus, humans work better in the shade too.