Sunfish Race Sail, North

Sunfish Race Sail, North

Product Details

Sunfish Race Sail

Made by North Sails, ISCA Approved

FREE Dyneema Sail Ties Included

This Sunfish Race Sail is made by North Sails and is ISCA approved for all levels of racing. If you're looking to get to the top of the fleet, this is the sail to get you there. The North Sunfish Race Sail is a proven winner and the sail of choice for top level racers. These sails use a slightly lighter cloth than the recreational/club sails and are made to the International Sunfish Class Association's standards for racing. A vision window is standard as well as the extra reinforced grommet for a cunningham setup.

These sails are made for the Sunfish but feature the ISCA class insignia in place of the traditional Sunfish logo.

Sail Numbers
  • In order to get an official Sunfish sail number you need to regster with the Sunfish Class. Click here to join.
  • Once you have an official sail number we can install it on your new sail using the class approved numbers and spacing.
  • Remember, your sail number is installed on both sides of the sail, so you'll need the amount of digits in your sail number x 2.