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Drysuits & Wetsuits

Drysuits extend your sailing and paddling season and allow you to explore the cold comfortably and safely. Check out our Drysuit Pro Tips section below for advice.

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Drysuit Pro Tips

  • Make sure to order a drysuit with enough extra space to layer up underneath.
  • Drysuit booties are not meant to be walked on. you'll need use footwear 1 - 2 sizes larger than normal to fit over your drysuit properly.
  • Be sure to "burp" the extra air out of your drysuit before going out on the water. Once in the suit with the zipper closed, simply pull the neck gasket away from your neck and crouch into as tight of a ball as possible. You'll feel the air rush out of the suit when you do this, as soon as it stops then release the neck gasket and allow it to seal against your skin then stand back up. This should "vacuum seal" the suit to your body and remove the extra air.
  • Drysuits that use plastic zippers need to be stored with the zipper closed.
  • Only rinse your drysuit in fresh water, do not put it in the washing machine or dryer. Allow it to fully dry before rolling up to put away. Avoid storing it in hot places.