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Kayak Paddle Length
Kayak Paddle Lenght

AnglesHigh Angle Style
High Angle paddling is typically a more aggressive style of paddling using a faster cadence and wider variety of strokes. It is very dynamic and commonly used for fitness paddling, playing in current, or in rugged conditions where power is needed.

Low Angle Style
Low Angle is the most common paddling style. It is a relaxed touring style with a more relaxed cadence. Low Angle paddling is less fatiguing on paddle days when long distances or multi day trips are planned.
Adjustable FerruleSmart View Adjustable Ferrule System
The Smart-View Adjustable Ferrule System is the most advanced ferrule system in touring paddles. Solid 1-piece paddle feel. With the simple push one of one button, adjust to your desired feather angle in 15 degree increments.




WERNER Kayak Paddle Information

Straight ShaftStraight Shaft
Paddlers are more familiar with straight shafts and like the light weight and ability to move their hands along a predictable, straight, and continuous grip area. Straight shafts are typically less expensive.

Bent ShaftBent Shaft
A Neutral Bent Shaft naturally aligns your wrist to reduce stress on joints. The neutral alignment, unique to Werner Paddles, creates a stable leverage point for bracing and all types of paddle strokes. Special indexing allows more hand contact with the shaft, reducing fatigue and increasing comfort



Paddles that offer Standard Performance give you Werner's heritage and advanced design features at introductory prices. For those that take a more casual approach to paddling, we still want you to experience the feel of a Werner Paddle on the water.

Paddles that offer Premium Performance give you the right combination of light weight, stiffness and durability. These are also our most impact resistant paddles, for white water, coastal play or just more confidence no matter the use.

Our Ultimate performance brings together all of our most advanced designs. Paddles that offer Ultimate Performance have an exceptionally light, buoyant and quiet feel on the water.


Shaft DiameterStandard and Small Diameter Shaft
Choosing the proper shaft size (diameter of the shaft) for your hands assures a more comfortable experience on the water. You'll maintain a lighter grip for better technique, allowing better control and reduced fatigue.


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