Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC Motor

Torqeedo Ultralight 1103 AC Motor

Product Details

  • Torqeedo's Ultralight 1103AC fits on all popular types of kayak, and can be made compatablewith other small crafts. The Ultralight 1103AC is Torqeedos most powerful travel motor as well as being one of the most quiet models to date. Motor, battery and remote throttle cable are completely waterproof to IP 67. Regardless of whether your are kayaking on inland water or the sea, on protected or unprotected waters - the Ultralight 1103AC is your ideal companion for every adventure.

  • 31 mile range
  • weight with battery: 34 lbs
  • easy to mount
  • new angler mount with tilt and park capabilities
  • seamlessly integrates with the kayak steering system