Marlow 8 Plait Pre-Stretched

Marlow 8 Plait Pre-Stretched

Product Details

Marlow 8 Plait Pre-Stretched is a great polyester rope option for windsurf downhauls and outhauls that grips well in cleats and provides good abrasion resistance. 

Construction: Pre-Stretched Double Braid 
Cover: 8 Plait Polyester 
Core: Polyester 

Design: Low stretch, durable, low twist, runs well through blocks. holds well in cleats, bold colors, makes line identification easy while racing. 

Feel: Feels stiff stays stiff. A good choice for spinnaker halyards.  

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
5/32" 4 mm 943 lbs
3/16" 5 mm 1,360 lbs
1/4" 6 mm 1,964 lbs