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The world's most popular adult racing class.

Every Laser in the world is identical. Strict one-design class rules ensures this remains true. The best sailor on the water wins the race, not the boat. The Laser is a challenging boat that rewards athleticism, subtle steering and trimming techniques as well as tactical excellence. The Laser is the single-handed Olympic class dinghy and is raced on the Club, National and International Class levels. The Laser comes standard as a Laser race version.


  • Length: 13' 10"
  • Beam: 4' 6"
  • Draft: 3' 9"
  • Hull Weight: 130lbs
  • Sail Area:
  • Standard: 76 ft2
  • Radial: 62 ft2
  • 4.7: 50 ft2
  • Optimal Weight:
  • Standard: 160-190lbs
  • Radial: 120-160lbs
  • 4.7: 100-120lbs
  • Laser Race Features

  • Allen Upgrade Cunningham Outhaul Kit
  • Allen Upgrade Vang
  • Gorilla Tiller and Extension
  • 60mm Allen ratchet block
  • Padded toe strap
  • Laser XD Features

  • XD Harken Vang System
  • XD Harken Cunningham and Outhaul Kit
  • XD Carbon Tiller and Extension
  • Carbon Fiber Upper Mast
  • Mega bolt
  • Harken 57mm Ratchet Block
  • Padded toe strap
  • 6mm anti-twist dinghy mainsheet from FSE Robline
  • 5mm SK90 Dyneema traveller
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