FSE Robline Ocean 3000XG

FSE Robline Ocean 3000XG

Product Details

FSE Robline's Ocean 3000XG Dyneema SK78 is the high performance fiber which many sailing applications build on. The upgraded SL coating ensures good UV stability and enhances abrasion resistance.

Construction: Single Braid Coated 12 Strand Dyneema SK78

Design: No Stretch, durable, easy to splice, floats, excellent wire to rope replacement. FSE polyurethane impregnation extends Ocean 3000XG's lifespan.

Feel: Stiffer than AmSteel. The coating will leave a residue on your hand.

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
1/12" 2 mm 900 lbs
1/8" 3 mm 1,798 lbs
5/32" 4 mm 3,596 lbs
3/16" 5 mm 5,170 lbs