FSE Robline Albatros

FSE Robline Albatros

Product Details

Albatros by FSE Robline is the ideal bowline or towline for dinghies or coach boats. It's bouyant, lightweight, and compact - everything you want in a good bowline. 

Construction: Single Braid 16 Plait XLF Polypropylene

Design: Lightweight, absorbs no water, and floats. This is the ideal line for Optimst (6mm) and C420 (8mm) bowlines

Feel: Nubby (yeah, that's a word) Fuzzy and Floaty!

Sixe (Inches) Size ( Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
1/4" 6 mm 785 lbs
5/16" 8 mm 1,455 lbs