Drysuit Repair

Drysuit Repair

Product Details

Drysuit Repair Prices

  • $90 Neck Seal Neoprene
  • $67 Neck Seal Latex
  • $40 Wrist Seal Neoprene each
  • $40 Wrist Seal Latex each
  • $45 Latex Bootie each

  • Price Includes parts and labor. 2 week turnaround on all suits.

    Please make sure your suit is CLEAN, NOT SALTY, and DRY

    Mail your Suit or Dry Top to...

    Dinghy Shop
    Attn: Drysuit Repair
    334 S. Bayview Ave
    Amityville NY, 11701

    Call us for details or questions and definitely call if you need a rush job! (631)264-0005