AmSteel Blue Dyneema

AmSteel Blue Dyneema
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Product Details

AmSteel-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand Dyneema rope braid that, size-for-size, is as strong as steel but outlasts wire 3:1, making it an excellent wire rope replacement. At only 1/7th the weight of wire, it is a safe and efficient solution for all marine applications where wire is traditionally used. The combination of Dyneema fiber and Samthane coating provide abrasion and tension fatigue resistance for superior wear.

Construction: Single Braid, Samthane coated, 12 Strand Dyneema SK75 

Design: No stretch, durable, easy to splice, excellent wire rope replacement, floats

Feel: Soft, Handles well when wet, Coating doesn't run off as readily as other coated dynemma brand.

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
1/16" 1.75 mm
7/64" 2.5 mm 1,600 lbs
1/8" 3 mm 2,500 lbs
3/16" 5 mm 5,400 lbs
1/4" 6 mm 8,600 lbs