The Dinghy Shop Can Help Sell Your Boat Or Kayak.


Download Our Used Boat Agreement


The Dinghy Shop provides a unique opportunity for you to sell your sailboat or kayak. Our constant flow of sailboat and kayak customers provides a wide base of people that are looking for quality used boats. Our highly skilled staff will provide your boat as an alternative to our in-store inventory, based upon what the customer is looking for. For us to help you sell your boat, a few details in this process needs to be identified.

Policy : Unless otherwise agreed, the Dinghy Shop will be the exclusive seller of this boat while it is in our possession. If for any reason the seller sells the boat outside the Dinghy Shop then a storage and commission fee will be applied according to the length of stay. The Dinghy Shop will charge the seller a 15% commission or a min of $200 on the completion of the sale, plus the cost of any parts or labor to get the boat into sellable condition, and any pick up costs.

Please download the sales form, fill it out, and e-mail it to or fax it to 631-598-8540.

Thank You,

The folks at the Dinghy Shop