SeaTow Bullet Bag

SeaTow Bullet Bag

Product Details

The Stohlquist SeaTow Bullet Throw Bag is a streamlined bullet nose tow line bag for towing rescue assistance in open water. The Stohlquist SeaTow Bullet Throw Bag is designed to be mounted on the back of your Stohlquist Descent, TowMotion, and Xtraxt PFDs tow belt. The flattened back side gloms onto the pfd back, ready for deployment and use.


  • Back side belt loops accommodate Stohlquist QR belts
  • Flexible design allows for mounting on QR belt for left or right hand deployment
  • Smooth gate snag proof carabiner doubles as a ripcord handle for easy twist deployment
  • 55 feet long high visibility floating, solid core polypropylene rope anchored inside
  • Biner to rope feeds out through gussetted reverse taped of soft compressable 200 denier nylon