Marlow Excel Control

Marlow Excel Control

Product Details

Marlow Excel Control is the first and best dedicated line for continuous loop dinghy control lines. The special snakeskin pattern means end-to-end, endless loop splicing with no diameter increase is much easier - Use a wire splicing needle for best splicing results. Technora cover provides grip as well as heat and abrasion resistance and the distinctive colours aids easy identification. 

Construction: Double Braid
Cover: Blended Tehcnora and Polyester
Core: Uncoated Polypropylene

Design: Durable, lightweight line that's designed for continuous control lines. The snakeskin cover easily tapers and you can ene to end splice with no diameter increase.

Feel: Nubby grip that cleats well

Size (Inches) Size (Millimeters) Tensile Strength (lbs)
3/16" 5mm 1,686 lbs