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Full Moon Kayak Tour

Full Moon Kayak Tour
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One evening each month, the Dinghy Shop offers a guided kayak tour on the Great South Bay to watch the sunset and the full moon rise.

Here's our 2020 Full Moon Kayak Tour Schedule:

- May 6th: Full Flower Moon
- June 5th: Full Strawberry Moon
- July 3rd: Full Buck Moon
- August 3rd: Full Sturgeon Moon
- September 2nd: Full Corn Moon
- September 30th: Full Hunter's Moon

Kayak Rental includes Paddle, PFD & Kayak

Minimum age, 16 years old

All Tours Meet at 5 for 6pm launch

What we recommend you bring:

  • Water or sports drinks to keep you hydrated
  • A towel and change of clothes - remember, kayaking is a wet sport.
  • Bug spray
  • Camera (we get some really good sunsets)
  • Windbreaker if you easily get chilly
  • Sunglasses and a hat
  • If you bring any electronics on the water, make sure you bring a dry bag to store them in (kayaking is a wet sport)
  • Eyeglass retainers (Avoid donating your glasses or sunglasses to the sea gods)
  • Small snack
*Reservations are recommended for all tours