bauer 8

The bauer 8 is the perfect all-purpose dinghy. Under sail, row or power, used as a tender, a rowboat or for just puttering around, the bauer 8 will accommodate your every need.

The bauer 8's hull and liner are constructed of hand-laid and chopped fiberglass. Exceptional performance, high quality and easy maintenance make her the ideal choice for the cruising sailor with limited deck space.

bauer 10
We all aspire to owning a yacht of impeccable breeding, superb craftsmanship and remarkable performance. The bauer 10 may not be 40 feet long, but she'll fulfill those aspirations completely…she is simply the quintessential dinghy. Created not just to function, but to function superbly. Not just to perform, but to perform with precision, grace and style.

bauer 12
Designed exclusively as a daysailer, the bauer 12 is the third and newest addition to the Bauteck line of sailing and rowing boats. As with the eight and ten foot models, the bauer 12 continues our long standing commitment to produce traditional craft of exceptional performance and outstanding quality.
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