Shift Drysuit

Shift Drysuit

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Comfortable, Flexible, Durable and made for Salt Water

The Stohlquist Shift Drysuit might look like separate jacket and pants, but it's actually a complete, one-piece drysuit. Its Rampart shell consists of a nonporous, hydrophilic polyurethane membrane that allows water vapor to collect and escape through gaps between the PU molecules within the membrane. Unlike most traditional membranes, this one provides better long term breathability by expanding the fabric when your body temperature rises, and it works better in salt water than conventional drysuits, too. Underneath the membrane, you have nylon that's thick in some areas for durability and thinner in others so you can move without much restriction.

Apart from being more flexible, what really sets the Shift apart from other drysuits is the innovative attached jacket that offers extra protection in truly wet, windy weather. And, the option to unzip and cool off when it's not needed is pretty nifty. This Stand-by Mode, lets you to zip down the and release the neck gasket for more comfort, great for when you're launching your boat, eating lunch on the sand, or waiting for AP to drop. The outer jacket has an adjustable removable for when there's nothing but a sunny sky overhead.

Stohlquist added Cordura reinforcements and armor at the seat and knees for excellent abrasion resistance, and both the seat and knees have mesh drains to rid the suit of any excess water. There are latex gaskets at the neck and your wrists to prevent any water from draining in. The MaterSeal waterproof entry and relief system with waterproof zippers and a Captive Zip self-entry system all help you put the suit on and stay covered. Stohlquist articulated the knees so you can walk (and swim..brr) without any restrictions. The Gripp-Loc skirt tunnel plays well with sprayskirts, and internal elastic suspenders prevent the suit from moving around. Hook-and-loop straps cinch the wrists and ankles to keep the cold out, and Stohlquist included drysocks to keep your feet nice and toasty on brutally cold days. Want to jam out? The chest pocket has a headphone routing port so you can listen to music while you hike out to the river. But, please be sure to seal your tech in a dry bag because the chest pocket isn't waterproof.


  • Three-layer Rampart shell, fully taped seams
  • Cordura reinforcements at seat and knees with mesh drainers
  • Latex neck and wrist gaskets
  • MasterSeal waterproof entry and relief TiZip zippers
  • Removable and adjustable hood
  • Stand-by Mode
  • Articulated, armored knees
  • Captive Zip self-entry system
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