Ronstan 40mm Orbit Ratchet: Cheek, Counter-Clockwise

Ronstan 40mm Orbit Ratchet: Cheek, Counter-Clockwise
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Ronstan 40mm Orbit Ratchet: Cheek, Counter-Clockwise

 Ronstan Ratchet Orbit Blocks have the highest holding power available and Ronstan is the only company that offers a 40mm ratchet block with both auto and manual engagement models. The Series 40 delivers up to 14:1 holding power, almost double that of Ronstan's nearest competitor. When engaged, and with manual models, the sheave's cross - hole geometry eliminates the 'shuddering' ease-out that often accompanies traditional v-groove ratchet blocks' easing.


These blocks are made of space-age, lightweight, strong, and durable materials, and are commonly used in mainsheet systems on dinghies and sportboats; jib sheet and asymmetric spinnaker systems on sportsboats; and control line applications on larger yachts. This one rotates in a counterclockwise direction, and we recommend 2 x 4mm (5/32 in) fasteners.



Breaking Load 1100 lbs

Breaking Load 500 kg

Max Line Size 5/16 in

Max Line Size  9 mm

Max Working Load 385 lb

Max Working Load 175 kg

Sheave Diameter 1 9/16 in

Sheave Diameter 40 mm

Weight 1.3 oz

Weight 36 g