NYS Safe Boating Course

NYS Safe Boating Course

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The Dinghy Shop will be hosting the NY Safe Boating Course on Sunday, May 21st. This course is will cover all the topics necessary to have a safe time out on the water - navigation, rules of the road, radio operation, and more. Although the class may seem like it's for motorboats and sailboats only, it's also a kayaker's responsibility to know the rules on the water as well. Do you know who has right of way at a channel crossing? Can you navigate by state channel markers? What radio channels are ok to use for recreation and what is the emergency channel? These are all things kayakers need to know when out on the waters of Long Island.

The class is $55 to attend and if you pass the test at the end (easy if you pay attention) you'll receive your NYS Safe Boating Certificate. If you're 18 or older in addition to the class fee you will be required to pay NYS Parks a $10 fee for the certificate.

Class size is limited to 26 people so sign up as soon as possible.