IR Arch Rival Drysuit

IR Arch Rival Drysuit

Product Details

New, softer nylon taffeta shell thats just as durable as the OX version. Just a little pricier. Latex neck, wrists and socks. Thats right- latex socks. More about this below. All of our latex gaskets are glued in cause it's old school and way better than sewing and taping. Front entry suit with relief zipper. Both zippers are the ubiquitous TiZip- the lightweight, flexible zipper that pretty much everyone uses nowadays. However, unlike our competitors, our main zipper also has an outer cover flap that closes with a lightweight YKK semi dry zip instead of the usual velcro. No bunching and the outer tunnel is lot drier. All cross seams are hot pressed to be super dry. No 4-way seams in the entire garment because 4 ways seams are hard to tape, and we care about that kind of thing. Webbing waist belt, neoprene neck cover, velcro/neoprene wrist closures.