Gill Junior Hydrophobe Top

Gill Junior Hydrophobe Top

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Gill Junior Hydrophobe Long Sleeve

The Junior Gill Hydrophobe top is a super lightweight yet highly thermal top, ergonomically designed using stretch materials. The material is naturally Hydrophobic so water is repelled away from the fabric ensuring the garment will not get heavy and damp when worn in wet conditions. Perfect for use by itself in warmer weather to reduce wind-chill, or as a baselayer underneath a spray top or drysuit when it get's cold out.


  • Breathable
  • Flat lock construction to help prevent chafing
  • Wicking Polypropylene fabric for warmth and comfort that is non-absorbent and actively repels water.
  • Soft, stretchy fit for freedom of movement
  • UPF rating 50+
  • Size Chart

    Size (Age) JXXXS (2-3) JXXS (4-5) JXS (6-7) JS (8-9) JM (10-11) JL (12-13)
    Height 3'0"-3'21/2" 3'21/2"-3'5" 3'10"-4'0" 4'21/2"-4'5" 4'7"-4'91/2" 5'0"-5'2"
    Chest 20"-21" 21"-23" 23.5"-24.5" 27"-28.5" 27"-28.5" 30"-32.5"
    Waist 19"-19.5" 19.5"-20" 21.5"-22" 22.5"-23" 24"-25" 25"-27"
    Gill Hydrophobe Trousers
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