The Propel Pedal Drive System

The Propel Pedal Drive System is a revolutionary propulsion system with remarkable features but is also astonishingly easy to use. Enjoy total boat control with forward and reverse capabilities, plus the 1:10 drive ratio converts each pedal crank into ten revolutions of the prop. Yes, you can go fast. More important, you will go far with less fatigue as the sleek hydrodynamic design allows efficient propulsion with minimal drag. Your body position mimics a recumbent bike, and with easy adjustments you can set back and thigh support for a custom fit and even more comfort.

The internal drive unit is completely sealed against sand, grit, and mud so it is virtually maintenance free. The drive unit’s housing is marine grade anodized aluminum so it is light, tough and rust proof. Plus, because the other components are stainless steel, the system is protected from salt water damage.

The system uses a simple pivot system to be lowered or lifted out of the water easily. It secures easily with a pin once in place and a tough nylon flow plate prevents backwash from entering the boat.